May 17, 2008

When we meet again.

I saw this on wednesday and perhaps that was a curse... That day was a rainy day, colleagues and i went JP to eat during lunch...

I got myself a tamagotchi today. It's abit dumb but i guess it will be my pet now.. i get bored when it is sleeping. It shall accompany awhile, i name it something-important.

Now i feel so lost.. i didn really know where to go. This time the weekends gets longer 'cos of Vesak Day. Everytime i yearn for that but now i'm all lost dont know what to do. Tomorrow there's Jam and Hop Practice.. i hope i can catch the timing and etc.

My phone didn ring as much anymore too.

I say all those in anger. No matter how much i explain... I still want to be together.. we will be back together after awhile right? I'm not someone who can talk really well.. and i didn mean to say those harsh words.

Thinking of the period of time that i wont have something(give each other space), i feel sad. Those have become habits already..

"What you say is what you got."

Why love that is deep in the hearts cant break through all those? Why is it that all are straight paths? No U-turns? No accidents?

Aint love something more? Dont couples bicker? Dont it occurs that when in anger all is not true?

I am sincere but i fear.

I'm tired. I need someone by my side now - not another guy.

..and he aint a bully.

Things just goes in my
mind without control
Things just come out from
my mouth without control
Things that are in
my heart aint fake
I love you

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