March 23, 2008


Aiyah. I've been almost staying at home the past few days. I'm glad there's good Friday 'cos i no need to work.. and i can spend more time with love. Thanks very much to accompany me.. it been really long since we spend time like this.

I went swimming with xue today. The feeling was good 'cos i haven been swimming and got maybe just 2% more tanned.. why aint the weather super sunny? =( ..and gonna meet up the rest of them probably every tuesday. I think the coming tuesday i cant.. it's boy and me seven month, i suddenly see the date is 25th. SORRY BESTIES. I will meet u again soon!

Xue, Wen, Anna and Jess.

..and yea, dance on wednesday was funny. As in about 3 - 4 people asked me not to be stress when i myself dont notice it. I think i need to kick my squeeze up face or want-to-cry face. HELP ME ANYONE, MY EXPRESSION CAN KILL.


Hmms.. and something really cute happen on saturday too. Boy brought along his Mum's tweety to my house and teehee!

Two tweety on a yellow cushion = super yellow. LOL.
Guess which tweety is whose.

I found out i aint so camwhore as much as before, i wonders. Tsk tsk. I miss pictures with boy and also him alone. I wonder how's work and if he got meet any weird or fun things. Did any pretty girl caught his eyes or did he smoke again? LOL. ..and if he ever miss me as much too?

I need to finish work assignment already.

Sometimes i miss Re:Flec, i miss the days.

Over the Rainbow

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