January 21, 2008

The blues.

Nowadays i get really down and run away from stuffs. Some times all day long i'm doing nothing much, laze at the sofa.. watching VCDs and eating tons of chips. And then my memory get so worse that i forget all about homework and perhaps even what i did few hours ago. Am i growing so old?

One of the day my Mum asked me why i look so stress, i dont quite know how to explain to her.. or perhaps there's so much things going on my mind that i dont know what to say.

Yesterday steamboat at boyfriend's house was great.. with his parents, ah gong, brother, sister and some church friend. All was good till..

And ya, i've been watching the Coffee Prince this few days.. and some questions pop out in the show. "Can you live without him/her?" "Will you be happy when he/she isnt there anymore?" "Why are you so angry about some stuffs?" ... ...

So restless.

Ahhh, just heard from my Mum.. Bro going NTU this coming August, how clever.

I found out
I love you
more than you
love me
... ...
no saying goodbye

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