October 1, 2007

Hello people.

Tags reply
Zack: Tagged after a long time. HAH. and ur blog huh.. i'm lazy.
yang: YEA, meet up like soooon =D
Aryuna: Thanks alot! and i always remember you care, do take care of urself too.
Wen: YES BUD, i do miss you alot.. hols is ending and haven been meeting up.
Eug: i will try to take care of myself, still as pack. hahah. LOVE YOU!
trix: xie xie! =E
Chuck: i need someone to plan for me, how about that?
qiaoxuan: I'm fine but just tired, you leh?
Nadrah: Will linked you up soon! Ehehe.
Xiuhui: HELLO siewhwee! WEE.
...haven been seeing so much tags in my blog for a long time.. i feel kind of touched. HAH.

Hmms.. i'm still as pack and i'll try to rest whenever i can. This week alot of things are unplanned, i'm sick last Wednesday and Thursday and that make me unfit for dance. RAWR. And nowadays i feel that when i dance i feel kind of soft.. or dont have so much motivation anymore.

Still i'll jiayou! Everyone who sees this jiayou also, AZA AZA! =D

And yes, Wang Leehom came to school for school campus concert and some of the junoirs performed AM to PM chereography. I'm really proud of them! Some senoirs performed too.. i hope i'll upload the video soon, maybe by Friday? LOL.

Hmms, i wanna thanks Chuck for taking care of me when i'm sick.. thanks for bringing me porridge, liangteh, lime juice and etc. Thanks for what you done for me for the past few days too. Sorry for not trusting you, for i-dont-know-why. Give me more time maybe i will have trust fully and i'll try not to think so much. I LOVE YOU BOY =D

Time to sleep, good night.

Deep in
the souls within
can you feel that?

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