September 26, 2007

I am so dead now.

I'm so tired,
i've got no time,
i dont read blogs AND PICTUREBLOG often anymore,
i seldom meet my close friends anymore,
i dont have enough time to sleep,
i've no fucking idea about chereo,
i want more time with boy(3-4 days a week is never enough),
and a proper outing and not meet in school.

Dance exam next Friday, 2 mintues needed.. and around 16 8s. And i feel guilty for the past three days i cant meet them and i sorta promise i will come out with few dance steps, so where are they now?

I not gonna work till October 7 which is next Sunday. But my cousin Eve's Birthday on the 29 which i have to go to her chalet.. and class chalet on the 1 - 3 October. Somehow i feel that i cant make it for class chalet cos of the exam.. RAWR.

School starting real soon and i've this whole bunch of people i haven meet. Life is all of work, dance(THE BIGGEST PRIORITY NOW) and boyfriend? Eugenia complains that i seldom meet her already, how about my secondary school buddy? Just a block or a road across my house.. why the distance and that distance?

And i gonna chiong working straight four days from 7 October to 10 october again.

Sometimes i think i am uber retarded, with regards to alot of things.


I ____ you
read that?

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