August 15, 2007

Double addicts, double the pictures.

Okay, for the past two days i've been meeting Andee. On monday, we sorta went to study but i didn study much. HAH. On Tuesday, we went to Chinatown for shopping and yes, lots of pictures taken.

and ya, met up with Eug on monday during evening time.. Charyle come to find us awhile too. Hmms, sorta have a long talk with Eug.. long time since we hang out alr babe! Hope you find your idea cookie bottle and bake nice cookies for your bf! Hahah :D


Big head Jessica.

Hello, we cant concentrate on studying. Or i'm the one who cant concentrate and that explains why pictures was taken. The macro effect was by me. Ehehe.

Focus on my Handsome Boy. LOL. I put that in my display pictures few days ago and Lesner told me he's call Ichimaru Gin from Bleach. Yea, that keychain was from my brother or i ask him to give me. Cos i like small eyes.. like JAY CHOU. xD

Once again, that key-chain.

My hair is growing longer, time for haircut?

Spongebob wants us not to talk so much when we're in the library. LOL. Shut up!? After we sorta got chase out by the woman in the library. She asked me not to charge my handphone in the library, and we're in the children section. RAWR, and so off we went..

YES, and i think the double chocolate Frappe got coconut taste. I dont know is it the problem of my tastebud but ya, Andee say no coconut. HAHAH.

Say cheese! :E
Off he went home bai bai and off i go town to meet Eug.




Yes yes, a day at Chinatown. It aint a place only for ah pek and ah ma, it's a nice place for fun and pictures too. I wanna be a photographer. LOL. and Andee and me bought nice cheap vintage sunglasses at eight moolahs. :D

Our first stop was *points and "read above".

Okay, we got attracted by this door of the *points and "read above". LOL.

I like this picture. I take nice pictures ya? Teehee.

I look kind of crap in this picture but oh well. Hahaha.

We came upon this strings or what-so-ever somewhere and i got some crazy ideas to take pictures. I'm a hangman, J-hangman. *cross fingers. Tsk tsk.

*Points above, shots taken by J.

HELLO, thanks me for the good photography skills. LOL(+bhb).


Next stop was Ann Siang Hill + Road.

HAHAH, i've got "suspenders" too.

Another i-look-like-crap picture.

HELLO, i like this :D

My trying to act cool pic. Hah.

Pondering and wondering, who will send me love-letters? HAHAHA.

We spotted this Ang Siang Park and ideas comes again. I asked Andee to walk and try to capture from the top, and so i did too.

This is how mad i can be, or rather you see how tired we are after long walk.

I love those car mirrors.

Back to chinatown, with some random shots.

The black and white "Singapore Explorer."

Saw that? My creation of the "The Modern and the Past".

We went to Central and visited Andee old work place - Giordano.

I know i am pretty short but i like this picture. Hahaha. And yes, giordana got nice mirrors to take nice reflections :D

Hearts. I dont know why this days i like to take pictures doing the heart-shape shaped. LMAO.

Time for snacks, you want some?

Actually the drink aint so nice. HAHAH.

To conclude the whole outing, putting two camera CRAZIES together is double the CRAZE. Teehee.. Besides taking of pictures, we eat non-stop. People, though i may be small.. i eat alot and that explains i have BIG TUMMY. Lol. Anyway, thanks Andee for sending me home.. i met no weird Uncle wanting to say hello to me :D


Somebody teach me how to cure virus!

With love, mum.

I know i look horrible but i wanna show my pretty mama :D

Secrets later with Chuck, ass.

"Miss Restless + Vain + Jughead"

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