June 30, 2007

Time flies, and that's when i fly.

I'm fine yes. The common test are over.. and i think i'm doom. Doom in a way i may flunked my test papers, and it may resulted me in repeating module. Oh well, cross fingers.

Days are still packed. I'm packed with school work, dance, work and people. And i found out, without the people around.. i wont be there. So people who i'm used to or going to use to now.. please stand by me.

Alright, few weeks pictures to upload. I shall start from the trip to genting..

Please wait for pictures to load.
Note: If you can dont want to read my blog and see the pictures only.. Do comment! =D

Vacation from 16 - 19 June
My family inclusive of my Grandma, Dad, Mum, Bro and me went to Cameron highlands(for the first two days), Genting higlands(on the third day) and Kuala Lumpur(on the fourth/last day).

We're with the tour agency.. and all i remember from the whole journey is that, eat and sleep then eat and sleep. They've like a fixed time for breakfast at around seven, lunch at twelve and then dinner at six. For both the lunch and dinner, it comprises of main course meals that have six to seven dishes. SO FAT, FAT and fats go into me.

On the long ride there, i start to miss Singapore.. and i found out the night scene of the lamp post in Malaysia is actually quite pretty, like somewhat of stars.

On the first stop, went to eat A&W for lunch.. somewhat fast food restuarant Singapore no longer serves.

YUM YUM. The root beer float we love but kind of sweet.


The next stop we went to Tea Plantation.

Nice? Green is good for eyes, something refreshing and nice air!

Brother brother i love.


Some randoms and a visit to Pasar Malam.

The emo car.

Spot me in the rain.


The Rose Valley.

The emo emo brother.

Mr Spidey, the childhood hero.

The colorful flowers..

I capture the bee in! Am i great!? LOL.

This is the green rose though it look like grass.

Pretty pretty flowers. =)

My favourite picture!


The Honey Bee Farm.

The only picture of we five but my eyes are close. AWW.


The Cautus Valley and Strawberry Farm.

Brother and strawberry. HAHAHHA.

The above is my favourite picture! =D

The car and Jess.

Windmill spin spin. =)



Some randoms and Genting Highlands.

On the way there.

I wanna ride on. =(

The kids are shock to see me on Ferris Wheel. Lol.


Way back to Singapore, passing by Kuala Lumpur.

The one who stands by me no matter, sorry for showing my temper all the time. Love AhMa, Pa, Ma and Kor.

End of Vacation.

Session on Wednesday 20th June
After i'm back, have a session with Andee, Mike, Tyron, ZhengYong, Justine, and Germaine. I'm uber late for two hours and i'm really sorry. Hah. i sorta learn the chereography i left out when i didn come for practice. AND YES I'VE FUN THAT DAY.

Seriously you guys are great.

Foreign Bodies Camp 21 - 23 June
I can say my days are really really pack. So here goes my first camp in my Polytechnic life. Overall the camp is great, i've know some style of dance like reggae, popping and locking. Though i'm too tired to exactly remember what chereography i've learn.. i've a idea of what that may suits me.

The last day of the camp too bond the team together. FANTASTIC FOURSOME - and we know we're awesome.

Yes yes, on the way to school for camp.. i saw Stel. My long lost never see and meet bestie.

Andee, Jess and Juna.

And we're the nerdy nerds.

With Sandra.

With Gerry.

The Aftermath.

With Andee

With Jonathan.

Home sweet home and of 'cos everyone is dead tired. I remember i sleep from the moment i reach home till the next morning.. then off to work.

I think i cant live without the camera. And yes, there's alot more pictures to be updated STILL. Pictures speak more to what i'm typing already yes.

I seriously think twenty-four hours aint enough. I definately need more than twelve hours to sleep, to play and to dance. YEA, study too.

Mind all blank now.

Fighter am i
i will strive
and go for one
against all odds.

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