July 1, 2007

The thirteen steps.

...long long journey.

24th June
As usual, i'm working on a particular Sunday. It's been a while since i work so yea, it seems kind of drag-gy for me although it's just mid-shift from eleven to seven.

After work, Eugenia came and that explains photo-taking session.

Yea, we like swings. There's memories here and if any peeps know where.. go and have a swing. It will bring back childhood times.

This is us doing our stunts.

We're kind of crazy in that place yes. We put self-timer in the middle of that place, then keep on climbing here and there. We didn care the crowds and enjoy ourselves. I guess that's the power of cam-whoring and sometimes i hope that power is transfer to my dance.

26th June 2007
That particular day was my first paper. Everything went okay and then went to meet Andee and Yuanlong to town. That was the first time i see Yuanlong and we went shopping.

We ate fried ice-cream after or dinner. That's Yuanlong recommendation. Heh, the ice-cream nice but i dont know how to eat that it drip all over.

Aftermath we walk around, then we change our bags.

That make me laugh alot 'cos of my girl-y bag was exchange. Teehee.

We walk over to Heeren and..

We took the free neoprints. Cheap but oh well, it's fun. Lol.

We're the big big BIG monster.


29th June 2007
Trix and me sorta book the aerobics room. It was our first time going there, and it feels great. There's two big mirror and it's air-conditioned.

The number of peeps who went aint much and 'cos it's kind of last minute.

I'm supergirl! WEE.

Ride on. HAH.

I like this picture although we look kinf of silly.

With Andee.

We're the ballerinas. LOL.

With Jonathan.


Yes, i'm up with few new videos, check them out.

Main lead - Andee, background - Jessica.

Sadako in Action.
Main lead - Eugenia, Second lead - Andee.
Filming: Jessica. Sounds: Jonathan.

Random stunts.
Filming: Jonathan.

I found out things wasnt the same as before. The feeling is different.. there's silence and feelings like strangers. I dont know is it 'cos of the waiting or something came in between.

Bounce bounce.

Sexy love
in funky town.

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