May 6, 2007

Random thoughts, nothing particular.

#1 If i grow so fat that i stinks, smells, and smokes.. will anyone still want me?
#2 If watching korean drama makes me feel like being in love.. will there be one for me?
#3 If i dont get so motivated to dance.. will someone ask me to AZA AZA?
#4 If i feel lost and scare.. will there be someone to lead me through?
#5 If i feel lonely and bored.. will there be anyone to act like monkey to entertain me?
#6 If i feel tired and need a shoulder during a bus/ train ride.. will anyone care to lend me theirs?
#7 If i feel down.. will anyone run with me in circles just to make me feel better?
#8 If i feel happy.. will anyone hold my hand and swing in the air?
#9 If being a clown make me go woolala.. will anyone be a clown and paint their nose red with me?
#10 If my legs are wobbly jelly.. will there be anyone who piggybag me?
#11 If i stone so hard that i become fossil.. will there be someone to break it?
#12 If i say there's something i like alot which costs a million.. will there be anyone who go and get it?
#13 If i say i dont care.. will you really dont care?

Thirteen is enough 'cos it's my favourite number.

Feeling black.

If you came tonight
If you came tonight,
before the mind set in,
a light step off the restless bed,

I would've flung doors open
and driven the darkness
out of your wounds.

If you were here tonight,
with no preconceived voice
but a telling silence,

I would've gather stars
rekindling years,
like so many candles of blown wishes.

It would've been as if
you were sound and asleep
but stirring to my possibilities.

I watch the stars go out
* poems by Felix Cheong

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