May 4, 2007

Hello world.

Notice the headings? I've been doing so much programming just now that all i could remember is that. Every new template you open.. that will pop out.

Console::WriteLine(L"Hello World")

.. so do remember that. RAWR.

Since i get my four-inches off my head, i got some randoms comment.. some of those i find it rather funny.

1. Why did you sucide?
2. Who make your heart broken that you go crazy.. and you cut your hair so short?
3. Weird, one side short.. one side long.
4. Cute.
5. Nice.
6. You look like boy.
7. I still like your long hair.

LOL, comment two is like WOO.

I haven shake shake since Monday, no longer so motivated. =(

Walk with me
I want to walk
on glass with you
no less painful as being awakened,
out of the hypnosis
we onced deemed important,
of things unreal, untouched,
even for the silence of blood.

I want to walk
on fire with you
unlearning the weight of feet,
wearied by wear,
through flames that do not care
from a world flinching from its end
with only the promise of ash.

I watch the stars go out
*poems by Felix Cheong

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