April 19, 2007

Let me be jelly baby.

First day of school was usual, just that i got to see my classmate like after a long time. Saw that mentos over there? Robin(batman!) drew a smiley, behind written "Aaron blah blah.. eat this" or something. That Aaron(sir!) actually chew it and spilled out. OMG.

After went around the school taking pictures with Trix. 'Cos i'm waiting for time to pass(for dance), and she's waiting for Kathy..

I'm like too big for the swing. RAWR.

Trix on the swing but it's the shape of the tyre.

The slides, we're like back to childhood dont we?

The hole of hope, i hope for the best next week.

We went to the stadium..

See me jump. The steps goes like one, two and three.


I want to be your supergirl.

And the above is one of the shots i quite like.

Jess and Trix. =D

And the fun place..

That's Trix.


This is how horrible i look.

Trix can bend better. Eheh.

Figure the letters form,

It spells T-R-I-X-Y. =)

The place we found is like a small auditorium. It doesnt have aircon, fan and etc. But it owns a big stage. Trix and me self-entertain by taking videos, dance and sing. TEEHEE.

The aftermath.

Get crush in our hands. LOL.

I'm dead tired, i think i need to sleep soon.

Ya, after being super tired with the photo session.. meet Nickz and then go for dance class.

Yesterday, went to check out club crawl.. then went session with Eugenia, Charyle, Chris, Jessica, Guowei, Jacky and Nickz. This is the first time i went session with them, i learn quite alot and i've got alot to buck up. And i wasnt as confidence as them. Shrugs.


Hey, i'm addicted to the word RAWR. I even say it out loud in real life.. i'm like a lion already.

Tsk tsk.. the amount of pictures is more than what i type.

Feel the beat
feel from the heart
feel from your soul
move to the beat
move your heart.

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