April 19, 2007

Label me black and white.

I'm uber bored now. And hey, i heard there's like few hundreds of people signing up for Foreign Bodies audition. Wont my chance be like very slim now?

Today is Stella birthday,


My year two lecturers are damn naggy and they always release us like few minutes earlier. Bloody hell. And just now i got say by this Animation teacher. He say me when i was using the Internet, but HELLO.. i show you my finished work and you say mine was different as yours. RAWR.

Hmms, went to take a look at Jam&Hop just now. Eugenia, Nickz and me went off after watching the Fbodz opening performance.

Opening dance.

They say "Dance to express, not to impress."

I gonna slp like earlier later, how about one am?

All of you - dance.

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