March 14, 2007

Let's talk about dream, not dreams.

Apparently, i stayed home the whole day 'cos my mum dont let me go out.. and i feel rather tired. Then my mind starts to wonder.. i got a nightmare today. I think i've been chase by this monster or creature and then i woke up. I looked at my phone, replied a message and went back to sleep again.

Then when i woke up, i remembered the dream i dreamt of previously - the previous day. It was something i hope will happen, and it's something that felt so real. They say dreams are different from reality and i think the good dreams will become a bad one. Shrugs. But if that phrase is true, i'm lucky enough no monster or creature will attack me.

Well, yesterday i went to meet Eugenia and Jessica(who shares the same name as me). As usual, lots of photo-taking.. and they were late. So i went to visit Liting first and wander around the mall. I bought my "I love my boyfriend" tee at Forever 21. I saw it in white and not the yellow shit colour, and got tempted to buy.

I dressed quite casual and bumped into Dom in the train station. He saw me and then we chatted a little. And i guess it've been a year since i last saw him. I still miss the times at Hito, the mean boss and blah. We're haven keep much contact already.. still jiayou in your bboy! (if you ever saw this).

The Hito represents, like after a long time.
(And i look kind of crap, with that cap.)


At Ted Baker, Liting working place.

In mango fitting room, and i know i look kind of horrible. My hair still got the shape of the cap. Hah.. whatever vegetable shape that is.

We went to the top of Vivo,

We're introducing Marche.

Love the green green grass. God, my eyes so small. Hah.

The shades craze, eh no.. the housefly me.

Kid Style. Eheh.

LOL. We saw this at mini toons.

And we have fun at The Mother Garden! =D

I dont know what's wrong with me, i suddenly got a little emo and i start to think of things. I feel that my sixth sense wasnt so right already. Or maybe i'm right at first, but after awhile it changes. Whatever it is, i cant control everything.. especially things that matters to the heart.

I think i ate alot today, probably chocolates. They say sweet things cure you, but it only make my teeth hurts. I need to visit a dental ASAP, it've been a year.

My eyebag so heavy already, yawn.

Still i dont feel like sleeping.

Now that you got it
you can do about it
if you earn that medal
you can be my boy

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