February 13, 2007

I'm dead, yes dead.

I haven update my blog for like five days already. It's been rather long i must say. School is down with two weeks study break, and then the final exams on the 26th, 27th and 28th February. And i bet i dont have enough time or just too slack and hug the buddha leg at the eleven hour.

Still, working on most weekends and yes, on the 14th and 21st of February. Tomorrow is Valentine day, i think it yucks 'cos i dont have a boy. I gonna work and see lots of couples visiting the stall. I wish every couple happy ever after, not forever but for a long time.

Here some pictures taken on the friday, 9th February. I went shopping with Ting, Trix and Zhihui after school at Bugis.. and then rush to Oschool for dance.

I wore the "Not For Sale" top, so i mus act that i'm not for sale but people want to put me for sale. LOL.

We went Icon and saw this..

Introducing the Soy Street. Ehehe.

And here's the Nathan Road,

maybe you can spot your friend by the name of Nathan. Lol.

Here's Lan Kwai Fong,



Aiyah, which road should i choose?

Here's my few attempts to jump,

WEEEEEE, and luckily i didn fall of the stairs. =/

Pictures taken with Jonan's cap,

and here's Tyde.

Pictures taken yesterday.. bag packs anyone?

Candid. Hah.


Watch us FLYYY.

Anyone knows which Action City got the smaller version of sotong?

I think i'll learn not to love, unless miracles happen.

In wars, lovers would break a plate and vow
to return to match the halves;

outside the museum,
two bicycles,
padlocked at the spoke.

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