February 8, 2007

I'm choke with that pile of stones.

That's my darling Tweety(Ah Tweet), it accompany me since primary school. It's still in good condition, is this amazing or just no comments? Tweehee. But it's rather dirty already, i think i have to bathe it after the Chinese New Year, or it gonna say HIII to the thrash bin soon.

I wonder why when exam period is on, my mind will get disturb by certain stuffs. If you know me well, you would understand. I guess after a period of time, i'll be okay already and 'cos there's this big holidays coming and prolly i wont get to see i-know-who. Time heals, time fades too yes? Scratch heads and wonders, ponders...

I think it been so long since i get so upset already.

On tuesday, went to meet the PP crew and ate Cream Bistro.. Lynn's treat. Eheh. I ate salmon pasta and although it's yummy.. i'm like struggling to finish them 'cos i'm quite full. I think the next time i go, i will have an empty stomach so i can enjoy the food.

And here's some shots with Jane. It've been ages since i saw her(we always never work on the same day, and now i'm transfer to Marina Square.)

(In food junction yesterday, after maths lecture.)

Do you think i'm laughing or what? I nearly choke to death by AARONNN. We're trying to shake the camera and then capture, so to have some special effects. So i asked him to help to try making that effect too. He was like so focus on the shaking that make me laugh like mad.. and then i was in the midst of swallow-not-swallow my bubble tea.

Ahh, well i think the candid shots aint that bad.

(I think i look horrible.)
Communication Skills paper is down, and i'm left with Database Fundamentals for Common Test. I hope i can at least finish browsing through the DB, for CS just now.. i've written some parts wrongly, i think i will still pass but i wont score well.

I think i'm crazy 'cos i'm still not yet flipping the book and instead blogging cum editing of pictures. Blame my horrible mood.

I went to the library just now..

This two books attracted my 'cos of their title. I think i will read it as soon as possible 'cos i really wanted to know what it's about.

I believe Devil may care.

An astronaut and a samurai fall in love
They write each other
haiku and billets-doux
via time capsules.

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