January 5, 2007

That piece of wall, and that piece of glass.

(My comm skill ad, to promote yourself as "The best person as your best friend.")

Eugenia says my previous post sounds abit woo(i dont know how to describe the expression). Lol.

The pictures on New Year's Eve at O School. I didn manage to take much pictures with the peeps there 'cos i didn really know them.

I like the above few pictures and i feel like saving money to buy the kind of camera.

We're in the room playing card games.

Now, the first day of school.. i wore red! =D

Jess and Eug.

Anyway, in the library Eug was asking me to take pictures with the board. And so i took some shots with the big board too. Aint it so big? Lol.


At the staircase.

Emo kid got spotted.

In the small tutorial(or library) room,

Jess and Trix.

And then i got too high,

..and my madness goes. LOL.

The first day of school is okay, so as the second day of school. But i'm really happy 'cos i've got my Speshow album from 173cm! =D

..and sorry class peeps, i'll update the class blog soon.

I dont know how to say
that kind of feeling i've
but i only know
it's so near yet so far
and that makes me happy
and sad for that moment.

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