January 18, 2007

Care-less or careless?

Whatever nasty comments you guys make, i've got nothing to say already. If you think my English language isnt as good as yours? Why still bother to read my post and make yourself vomit? I admit my english isnt that great, i scored a C6 for my 'O' level.. so? Does criticising me makes you really happy? Does you gain something? Or you're just laughing your ass off seeing all those tags replies and slim down your cheek bones like a few centimetres?


So what i'm self-obsessed with myself. I've a camera and it's with me for like 2-3 years already. Photographs means to be share dont they? Posting my pictures online have become a habit for me already, and if you're so concern that i'm self-obsessed.. want to take me to see the doctors? I'll gladly accept your concern.

You claim that i'm a poser, passerby. I'm just wearing baggy pants with tee-shirts or tank tops. So you mean everyone who wear that is a poser? For your information, i just started learning dancing and am joining hip hop course. I need to dress comfortably to feel good when i'm dancing. Okay, if i dont wear those baggy pants and tees, you want me to wear a bikini huh?

And thanks you passerby for reminding me that i've got no talent in dancing. Even my brother say i'm worst than a robot, sad? Yes. Jessica have got no talent so she got to train and improve herself right? She might not dance really well but at least she try to become a better dancer yes?

Like swimming, i cant possibly know how to swim when you throw me into the water.

So, dancing too is not a one day thing - especially a slow learner like me.

If you want me to blog in chinese, stay tuned. =)

or SCAM.

A beep.

Miss yo!

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