December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas but Santa Claus is dead.

(I think my lens will crack soon, but i cant stop taking pictures.)

Last night, my brother was shocked to see me in bed at around one plus. He thought i should have go out to countdown for the Christmas night(or using the computer). I'm at home, i feel tired and abit sick with my throat. I've a good night sleep but i've a boring Christmas.

I thought i can at least go out but i dont know who to ask, and isnt Christmas a special day to celebrate with, and with someone special?

I'm online and a whole lot of them are online too.

On the friday, 22nd December.. i went out with my cousin - Eve.

We went to do this manicure outside the bodyshop at bugis. I remebered Karl told me about that before. Lol. I think my manicure look abit too flowery and dont really suits my character. But i like the thumb. ;p Anyway, the pattern on the nails is done by printing them with the print-nail machine?

I took pictures with my pretty cousin! Heh.

..and i think i look rather weird or funny in the picture. Oh ya, the guy at the manicure said my cousin look abit like mix blood. She said she look like angmoh, so i asked him how about me.. he claimed i look like malay. HAHHAH.

Yes, i try to smile more in pictures showing my teeth.

I'm rather upset, my photoshop cant work again. What 30-day grace shit period is up.

That man with the white beard
who carries a red bag
who wears a red cloth
who wears a red hat,
can i have him for christmas?

"..but who?"

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