December 26, 2006

A man cry not for woman but for his pride.

A moment ago, my brother and mum quarrel over my brother's girlfriend. For the first time in my life, i saw my brother crying. To see him cry, i wanted to laugh, 'cos he looked like some baby. Later on, my mum cried too 'cos i commented on something. To see both of them cry, i feel like crying but i didnt.
(And i didn know being a third party, what i commented could make them cry.)

A man tears worth alot. A woman tears worth nothing.

So even if i've to cry, it's deep in.

Whatever it is, times tell. Time will tell if my brother and his girlfriend are really meant for each other. Me? My mind keeps turning and thinking. I'm sorry if i think too much, i'm more to a pessimistic. And yes, i'm stupid i dont know why.

It must be that something.

Move on

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