September 30, 2006

Satisfied 'cos i've tried my best.

I'm glad of the performance though some parts i dance wrongly. This is my second performance. AND i kill some of my nervous-ness and look at the audience! Heh. I hope next performance i will do better. Legs and hands please co-ordinate, and dont be nervous.

The custume is so pinkish. But it still look not that bad afterall. :D

Imagine wearing this to a coffeeshop and walking around the district. People will thought you're some japanese, then they shout whatever japanese language they know. Their eyes focus on you then they continue to eat their food. Yes, i walked that to a coffee shop and etc before the performance. Some kids talk to me. Some uncle shouted "arigato!". HAHAH.

I shall illustrate another scenario. I was walking around the park and going down the stairway with Melissa. THEN surrounding the side of the pathways were lions dance troupe. One of the guys thought i'm japanese and he shouted: "JAPANESE! JAPNESE!". He shouted alot of times, still i didn turned. Later on, he shouted(or talked very loudly) to his friends: "NEVER WEAR PANTS!". HAHAH. Then i turned to Melissa and said: "I did wear pants, just that it's short. =/

Here's the blue and the pink. Heh.

Their back views. :D

That's two take, one with Kelly(top) and Nahnah(bottom).

And here's the only two guys in JMD? HAHAH.

Luesong is trying to help Gabriel style his hair.

Do i look like some waitress in some japanese restuarant? Lol.

And my hair is so messy messy.

We're preparing to live school. So i asked for some group photos.. using self-timer! HEH.

WE ALL LOVE JMD. Though we're small, we do enjoy pretty much.

During the bus ride.


Group photos after performance.

The formal and the fun shots.

And here's our backview..

The blues and pinks. I think it really seems i never wear pants from the back. Lol.

With gerry.

I think i look horrible in some photo. Then i mumbles, must be the problem with the hair.

HAHAH. And i change my pink to blue with Chelsea.

And here's my attempts to jump.

I ALWAYS love jumping pictures. Thought so unglam.

The aftermath.

I'm sweating hell lots. My messy fringe.

I wanna change my blogskin ASAP. 'Cos there's something wrong with the archives and i start to think it's ugly.

And ya, a person who named he(or she) guest. Who are you? Thanks btw. :D

Eugenia come back from china already. Sort of have a gathering together with Ling, Ting and Trix. I shall upload the photos some other days. I've spend quite a long time uploading the performance pictures already. =[

Something quite wow-wow happen when we went to eat sushi at cineleisure. One of the guy named trainee(written on his crew badge) actually asked his female colleague to take my number. I didn give but my email. HAHAH.

Anyway, met Wen on wednesday and sorta have lunch. We're the photo buddys, so we wouldnt leave out those.

Till next time.

Before i sleep, here's two video to see.

My first performance(two or three months ago) in school. The song is named "singapore Ondo". I think you can spot me there. The one in red&white, second roll.

And this's our Ng take 'cos we press wrongly. It becomes a video.

It's strange
that humans actually
falls for someone
the opposite of them
Some have choose me
some didn even bother
So when will i
falls for someone
who may be opposite
but align to the heart of mine?

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