September 1, 2006

You dont get it, and i dont too.

I received an sms from A.

"i feel like we r not together at all like tat.. the feeling is weird now.. you never care about me at all.. sorry."

"Duh. I feel weird oso.. And is not i dun wan to care for u.. u nv show tat u care. tat y i giv up.. it hurts when i always take da initiative, i'm a gal yea. sry."

"k.. i get what you mean.. sorry.. tc"

"Duh. u dunno what i mean. Anw nw i at lot one.."

'Cos i waited for awhile and he didn reply, i went up to look for him. It took me lots of courage. It've been around two weeks i stopped visiting him. At that moment, i was in fume and also in pain.

As usual, he asked me where am i going and with who. We talk a little. After i feel awkward and told him i'm leaving. I dont know if he can feel that my heart is raining, and it's red in color.

So, what are we.. NOW?

I thought that silence we both make means a break up?


Never you mind.

Here are some pictures to get away.

Take one - Singapore Duck Tours.

Take two - That street.

Take three - Between that two buildings.

Take four - Those branches.

Take five - That Sign.

Take six - Those legs that struggles.


Mediacorp Artist.

Ai-Yo-Yo and Jess.

Chen Zi Cai and Jess.

Chen Zi Cai and Eug.

Jess and Michelle.

Eug and Michelle.


I shall talk about yesterday tommorrow or later.


I dont like how the clock works. Turning the minute's hands back, something happened. Turning the second's hands back, something happen too. Looking ahead, you never know what gonna happen.

Alot of things in life, you missed it 'cos you've got the wrong timing. So what if you regretted, you still have to look ahead of what the hands of the clock got to bring us. That's life aint?

Life is terrible but i know the clock wont stop for me.

You make me love
You make me hate
Love cos'
of no reason
Hate cos'
you're the reason


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