September 7, 2006

So disheartened when someone say that to me. When you always think we're quite good friends, from the start.

It's okay, eh?


I shall illustrate this scenario.

You go to a mall to buy your dinner. You walk to food junction and stop at your favorite stall. You order your ususal delight. At first you asked the auntie if she can separate a number of ingredients from the main. She reply you that it cannot be done. So, you frown a little.

The auntie collect the money from you. She then prepare the ordered food in the plastic bag. While she is handling the food to you, she tend to smile a little. You thought what was wrong. You took the food from her hands saying thank you.

She asked where you dye your hair and the price. So you explain to her. She comment that the hair us nice.

So that explain her smile.
So that explain what mades me happy for a moment.


'Cos i am rather busy, i neglect a number of people. I miss outings with fruits, eug and some others.


.. to eug who went to china for vacation. =]


Everyone's telling me that i gonna be brainwash. Half.

A week more to be washed, and maybe it will be the end.

Worn out
makes me forget
almost everything.

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