September 9, 2006

Biding goodbye.

The Lims.

Today i shall describe another scenario.

You went to Tekong Island with your family to send your beloved brother for his BMTC. You saw many who were going through the same thing with him. Some were with family, some were with their girlfriends and some were with their their friends.

You actually think that is really nothing.

The facilities in the army were pretty fine. With beds and metal cupboard, good canteens, and some other facilities. You were thinking that NS wasnt so tough as what you've imagine or seen in tv. But then again, the physical training is tough as well as the physchological[sp?] mind cos alot of times you miss your beloves.

There were some NS man that lead the crowds around. Followed by talks and videos in the auditorium. During the talk, you were so tired that you took a small nap. Then, something interest you in the video. You saw a group of guys waiting to be bald, and you smile a little.

The family and friends of enlistments were then invite to have their "last" renuoin[sp?] dinner together. After, all of them walk to the so-called ferry point and bid goodbye.

While you were walking to the so called ferry point, you start to notice this couple. The guy put his right hand over the girl's shoulders, and the girl put her left hand over the guy's waist. Sometimes when they were walking, you saw the guy turning his head and use his nose to touch the girl. Till the ferry point, they both give a very tight hug and bid goodbye.

That make me feel warmth.
And that was the thing that worths.

Something go through my mind, i want to have someone who make me feel that. Maybe a boy who haven go to NS and i've to send him, or someone already in NS.

But is that kind of love easy to endure or last?



So, what if i dont have love and inspiration. I must be wrong.


The rest of us went to the Singapore Expo. I found out there's lots of food, clothes and humans too. Lol.

Jess and Mum. Notice the different? Small eyes versus BIG eyes, and single-eyelid versus double eye-lid.

And i saw this in the train station and decided to capture it.

A new dawn.

When dawn falls upon me..


Now i want a job as well as a boy.

having to bid goodbye
is a form of happiness
'cos at times
you didn even have chance to
'cos goodbye comes
without you noticing.

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