August 19, 2006

This aint a good thing.

I went out with him, just for around three hours including the bus ride from chua chu kang to plaza singapura. We met, the bus ride was a lil awkward cos we're like so quiet. And then we went to plaza singapura. I said i wanted to drink so we head to mos burger. There was silence for a while too. After, we walk rounds in the mall.. not knowing where to go. We walk aimlessly, from PS to heeren and finally to cineleisure. I think what we talked is less than 10 sentence. GREAT aint it.

I feel sad. Damn.

Why cant he open his mouth more? And why is there like something stuck in my throat and ma mind went blank?

We went up the escalator at cineleisure. I type a message and show him: "Go out with me bored eh. HA" He sorta smiled and said nah. We sat somewhere for like about an hour cos we dont know what to do.. and he gonna meet his friends later. I asked him to open da present i gave him. He only opened the card.. i hope he understand what i written inside.

All the while he was looking at the other side, and all the while he have been sms-ing and answering call. I cant blame him for that 'cos he gonna meet his friends somewhere and he need to know when/where/what-so-ever. In additional, he's the birthday boy.

One time i really let go.

I've always been a girl who takes alot of initiative when i really like someone. And being so took alot of ma courage. I'm tired.

You know i love you.

Officially one
is nothing but a status
so i'm still one

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