September 3, 2006

Look downwards, then look upwards.

Know what that means? I look downwards cos i'm down. So to look upwards means i'm up again. I hope someone understand my kind of language.

I've see the world of mine with a more greater heart already. I hope you will be happy with who-ever and i will, with my future-who-ever.


Blogging have become part of my life. If i dont blog.. i may suffocate. =\


I dont dislike green that much already. As in that kind of green.

So does that means i see life differently, in one way or another?



I've been wearing cap recently when i go out. I think it cover half of my face and i like it alot. Thus, i'm seeing half of the world. LOL.

Zhi Jie saw me with the cap of mine and said: "Wah, you become more funk already huh."


And this is the effected version of a different picture.


I think this is funny. And sorry i didn asked permission to post this up.

I'm plain bored, so i test my drawing skills using the mouse.

And i did that again.


I wanna become a better dancer. So, i should buck up and have that confidence in beneath.

When there's love
there's no fear
'cos i got none
I got to endure that fear
and learn how to let go.

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