August 15, 2006

The pain in the throat.

I gonna fall sick soon, as in sore throat.

Sore throat may lead to more like cough, flu and etc. I think i eat too much fry stuffs lately, and i feel that i will get fever soon. This may cause my voice to be more man, HA. [and ma voice is already man, TO AARON if you saw this]


I've learn how to cycle, and i feel so happy. BUT i'm still scare if you ask me to cycle in a place with lots of people or in road tracks. ['cos Jessica can only concentrate on an open space with no people or people she know]

My few attempts.


I succeed :D


Hmms, went out with Eug yesterday to marina square. We took a numbers of photos. For your info.. Jessica is self-obsessed and she can be quite ugly. And yea, i went to fill in the form for quilksilver shop. I hope they accept me though their requirement age is 18, for i'm only 17-to-be. :[

The day you went away..

I smiled, this is suppose to be candid.

Jess and Eug.

I like this picture, though i look a lil' weird.

Looks like something stuck in my mouth.

I look like a VAMPIRE and i think i show too much gums.


Jess and Eug.

Another crap.




Take one - The taxi boat.

Take two - The unhappy couple. [i know it's bad taking when they are you-know]

Take three - The shoe minnie was transform to.

Take four - The bird on water.

Take five - The stuffs in my bag.

Take six - The moody apple.

Take seven - The apple brightens.

Take eight - The piano.

Take nine - Music.

Though you're ma soon-to-be
there's still absence
there's still loneliness
there's still gray
And all this can be erase
If i can feel the warmth
not only by words
but more of actions.

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