August 16, 2006

Hibernation in progress.

J is getting lazy, she's tired of studying 'cos she have not yet started.. and in additional, sick of life as in life.

I've been sleeping from last night 10++ to this afternoon 12++. The reason for not waking up is 'cos i've got nothing better to do[which is not true] and 'cos sleeping makes you forget everything.

I've been taking pictures of tweety and reflections in whatever-can-reflect. Eug tell me tweety is scary.. in some pictures. :[

For info, tweety is a male and it's ma toy since primary school. My mum gave it to me during ma birthday and it's always ma favourite. When i sad i talk to it, when i happy i take it and swing around. It may seems as a dead companion, HA. But it's a good listener eh? Ma bro always throw it around too.

I'm getting rather emo 'cos ma mind thinks too much. I'm not at all happy 'cos happy lasted only a while.

Take one - Even pots reflects, the ugly side of human.

Take two - Even a non-living too.

Take three - My bro gonna store tweety in the RAM.

Take four - Tweety says: "Peek-A-Boo!"

Take five - That spoon reflects.

Take Six - The smaller version.

I miss alot of humans
from kindergarden, from primary
from secondary, from polytechnic
from mos burger, from hito
from zone x
from where-ever
Thanks for coming into ma life.

I've grow this BIG.

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