August 28, 2006

Dreams are different from, reality.

I dreamt alot lately. For two consecutive days, i dreamt of different people kissing me. I think i must be mad or i've see too much korean drama.

Anyway, i think i only love once and get it back in return - wan.

And i miss hell lots of people.


Hmms, went out with Weiliang to have lunch just now. He's in the army already and sorta know how tough it is. He got injuries on his knees and elbow 'cos of the crawling-on-the-ground thing. Army is tough. :[

Luckily i'm a woman. Lol.

Brother gonna go army like next week or next next week already. :[


Now, i gotta do a survey Anthea asked to do. Ehehe. A long survey though..

1.Full name: Jessica Lim Li Shan
2.Name backwards: nahS iL miL acisseJ
3. Meaning of name: No idea.
4. Nickname: Jess, AhShan, QieXiGua, Kuku.
5.Screen name: J
6. D.O.B: 16 December 1989
7.Place of birth: Alexandra Hospital
8. Nationality: Singaporean
9.Current location: Home, Chua Chu Kang.
10.Star sign: Sagitarus.
11.Religon: Buddhism.
12.Height: 156cm. LOL.
13.Weight: 43kilos.
14.Shoe size: 6 or 7.
15.Hair color: Black and one gold patch. HAHA.
16.Eye color: Black.
17.Who do you look like: Dad.
18.Innie or outtie: 40% innie, 60% outtie.
19.Lefty or righty: Righty.
20.Gay, straight, bi or others: Straight.
21.Best friends: Anna, Eugenia, Stel, Wen, Xue, Yang.
22.Best friends you trust most: Anna, Eugenia, Stel, Wen, Xue, Yang.
23.Favourite pals: Anna, Eugenia, Stel, Wen, Xue, Yang.
24.Best friend of opposite sex: No idea.
25.Best buddies: Fruits, Yang and Eug.
26.Boyfriend or girlfriend: Both.
27.Crush: No idea.
28.Parents: Mum.
29.Worst Enemy: Myself, my thoughts.
30.Favourite online guy: Jianming and Weiliang.
31.Favourite online girl: Eug, we talks too much. LOL.
32.Craziest friend: All.
33.Advice friend: ALOT.
34.Loudest friend: All. LOL.
35:Person you cry with: Myself.
36.Any sisters: Nope.
37.Any brothers: Thomas Lim.
38.Any pets: Nah.
39.Any disease: Love-sick. LOL.
40.Pager: NOPE.
41.Personal phone line: ($#*xxxx
42.Phone: Samsung.
43.Lava Lamp: huh
44.Pool or hot tub: Hot tub.
45.A car: None.
46.Your personality: Emo, Blur, Crazy at times.
47.Driving: No idea.
48.Room: Got tweety and astro. LOL.
49.Whats missing: Love, i cant feel it.
50.School: Nanyang Poly.
51.Bed: Single.
52.Relationship with parents: Good.
53.Believe in yourself: Sometimes.
54.Believe in love at first sight: Ya. If there is, it will.
55.Good listener: Yea.
56.Get along well with parents: Yeap.
57.Save e-mail convos: Depends who. LOL.
58.Pray: Sometimes.
59.Believe in reincarnation: Half-Half.
60.Make fun of people: Yea, close ones.
61.Like to talk on the phone: Not really, depends who.
62.Want to get married: Maybe.
63.Like to drive: No idea.
64.Motion Sickness: Sometimes.
65.Eat stem of broccoli: Yea.
66.Eat chicken with fork: Ya.
67.Dream in color: Yea.
68.Type with your fingers on home role: Huh.
69.Sleep with stuff animals: Tweety and Astro! =D
70.Next to you: Astro.
71.On the walls of your room: Glowing stars.
72.On your mousepad: Nothing.
73.Dream car: No idea.
74.Dream date: Sweet like sugarr. lol.
74.Dream honeymoon spot: No idea. Till i get married.
75.Dream husband or wife: None.
76.Bedtime: Depends.
77.Under your bed: Drawers.
78.Single most important question: Huh.
79.Bad time of the day: No idea.
80.Your worst fear: Myself.
81.The weather is: Sunny.
82.Time: 16.37
83.Date: 28th August 2006
84.Best trick did on someone: No idea.
85.Theme song: None.
86.Hardest thing about growing up: Facing the world.
87.Funniest experience: No idea.
88.Scariest experience: Seeing Sadako alike.
89.Silliest thing you have ever said: I like you.
90.Most desperate and funniest thing i have done to get the opposite sex : No idea.
91.Scariest thing while you are with your friends: Nah.
92.Worst feeling: Lost.
97.Best feeling in the world: To get love in return.

AND NOW, CHOOSE SIX TO DO THE QUIZ!: Anna, Wen, Stel, Sabrina, Eug, Yumin.

If you ever crossed your mind
and wonder if i remembers you
I do in some way
so please keep in touch
with me although
it seems i dont

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