August 27, 2006

In search for..

I'm right now jobless. 'Cos Mickey message me and said: "Mathew reservice cancelled, Joey[the boss] say enough manpower already." I was like: "Den nvm."

It was saddening you know. At first you wanna find a job and not go back to the old job. When you decided to look for a job, the old job says they need you, so you decided not to look for a job. AND NOW, i gotta look for a job.

Maybe, this is another so called.. new experience.

Hope i can find a job so to burn my pocket again. LOL.


I bought a heels on friday. [My third pair!]

My mum bought me a white bag as VERY early birthday present.

I bought a white top that costs $9.90.

AND......... I CUT MY HAIR.


Yesterday is great although it seems that my eyes couldnt open. This is my first time going to the Natsu festival and i hope next year will be more fun! :]


Upon arriving, we took this. The freshies and senoirs.

The Japanese School.

I look so tiny.

Summer Festival.

I was a criminal, opps. I'm just invited to go there! Lols.

They're so kawaii! I wanna wear those too. :[

The girl is shy and dosent want to take picture with us. :[


The stalls.

Notice the two balloons, it's YELLOW.

I was here.

...though i'm shy. LOL

The laterns.

Moody laterns.

The kids rehearsing.


THEY'RE HANDSOME TOO. They dance damn well.

The Yo-Yo.
How to play: Use a hook and hook up da rubberband attached to it. Hook up till it's not in the water.

The gold fish game.

How to play: use a paper scoop and scoop out the fish into a container, and u can bring them home!

The childhood of many. I love swings!


The actual performance. They were AWESOME.

The night scene.

While queuing up for the yo-yo game.
I think the kid is cute. And I WANT A PIGGYBAG too. :[

Merlion lost's face. LOL.

Group photo.

Qing Tian Wa Wa.

The moody one.



My stage.


I lay dead, exhuastion.

I LOVE THIS PHOTO. Jessica, Chelsea and Sok Hiang.

I was asked to do this. LOL. UNGLAM and i secretly smile.

Saw that heartshape specs? Aha. Bought it at one of the stalls, retro-ness. YAY.

I think i took around two or three hours to update this post. I'm slow. And the upload thing is slow too. That makes both of us a slow pig.


I cant stand my brother talking on the phone with his girlfriend. So so mushy. Darling, Dear, Bao bei and etc. I'm not evadrops[sp?], just that he talk quite loud. AHAHA. I wonder will i be like that when i got a boy. scratch heads.

When everything around
dosent seems to be around
that's my happiness
and i wonder
if anyone understand
my kind of happiness

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