June 7, 2006


imagine your brain is like a bomb, in time to come.. it will explode and then you no longer will think. nowadays, ma thoughts is like da time that decreases, and i wonder will it ever stops decreasing. if no one try to stop it, it might explode as of a breakdown. i'm not trying to say that i'm going to explode like that of a bomb.. just that, ma brain is thinking of the past, especially great memories.

those memories in me is driving me to become emotional and makes me dont want to talk. whenever i'm not concentrating on something, it starts to wander around. i hope i have a lock or maybe some siscors to cut the 'bomb' so that it stops.

i'm a straight-forward person, so whatever that comes to ma mind i will speak out. i hope being that character wont sucide maself for losing friends and all. because i care, because i am use to something.. i will get upset upon some actions or what-so-ever. i treasure people around, just that.

and i wonder.. if people out there i know, or i came-upon to say a hi\bye remember this kiddo-look cum charcoal color person ...or even miss her.


nothing stays forever
like flowers that withered
and cos'
everyone cant stop moving
in time to come
they got to move on
for that glimpse of light

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