May 13, 2006


can anybody tell me what actually this means? i look for that word in da dictionary already but i still dont quite understand. lols.

nothing much to say about ma love life and who-ever-he or HE or HIM, i just got to let nature take it course. i shouldnt rush into things already and da feelings of the heart is hard to tell. so i just hope some guy truely likes or loves me more than i like or love him.

did i say i went to extreme venture? was like running madly around da whole school compound. i got internal injuries.. ma muscle ache until i cant walk properly, it's like ma vein got shorten? haha. and ya, during da 100s no ngs.. i turn like almost fifty plus rounds with da head touching da umbrella? WAH LAU. but overall, extreme venture is great but it's physically tedious. AND COS I HAVEN BEEN EXERCISING o_o

classmates who went and yea, da ogls.
[ma eyes spoilt da picture =( ]

again, i look so weird.
but this is da only two pictures i got.

hmms, i watched poseidon with weiliang brother on da thursday. it was da first time i saw him.. he was nice and da movie is nice too. wahaa. okay, back to da movie.. da overall is nice and realistic. but da weird cum funny part of da movie was da ending. imagine the ship poseidon was like shipwreck and da survivors tried to get outta da ship. when they're like out of da ship.. there is a small boat to stand by for them. it's like.. wth? how come there was a boat near da overturn ship.. and then in da boat there is a gun that send signals for help. LMAO.

okay, i went to eugenia's house to compile our research, together with yiling. all i can say is.. her auntie's house is so BIG. god. hahaha. i took alot of crazy pictures and like eugenia said, i'm cam-whoring. shit me lah. xD.


ya know what i mean huh. HAHA.

i look so funny in here, oh well.

this was suppose to be emo. but.. but.. lmao.

i look like i'm dying, dont ya think so?

yiling version of being emo. lols.

RETRO, yayness. but i look like bee? o_o

they cover our sorrows.

we're drowning!


yiling, eugenia and jess.

MAN, i so need a car.


i'm smiling with a twist, god.

i look spastic? hmms.

i think i LOOK SO SCARY. ma eyes.

kiss me.

i look ugly again. BLOCKYSHIT.

better shot? :]


fake snoopy and friends.

OMG, batman and fake barney?


i miss hito colleagues like dom, mr cow, pauline,
kevin, auntie cornie, lao da, mickey, hai tao and ah gui.
i miss mr cow chicken cutlet. i miss wan, da first love,
da first shoulder i can lean on.. ma first love.
i miss fruities besties.. xue, wen, na and stel.
i miss yang. i miss four-e-two and classmates.
i miss people who by pass ma life.
i miss memories.

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