May 17, 2006


what does a guy means when he pat your head?

alright, school have been rather busy and i can say i'm really tired. i'm kinda like not enough sleep everyday and due to "da dont want to sleep attitude although tired". LOL.

eugenia came over to ma house on da saturday. we were rather bored so we went to da arcade and kbox. this was da second time i went to kbox.. it was okay ba, just sing and sing. eugenia said i seems to be emotional, i wonders. maybe ma face was espression-less and having a monotone voice.

played basketball yesterday as asked to accompany eugenia. LOL. went all da way to sembawang to meet xavier. his friend came after which we named him kit-kat. lols. eugenia kept having cramps.. so i was da one who keep playing bball. there was a time they played match with some guys, there were odd one out so i joined. WAH LAU, i looked like a clown cos i couldnt run much.. i only know how to shoot but it doesnt mean i will get in. lols. took a cab home AND this was da first time i took a cab alone. it was damn scary.. i scare da uncle drove me to neverland. LMAO.

pictures colour ma life,
but sometimes all is so fake,
that deep inside it's all..
black and white.

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