May 8, 2006

famous amos

okay, i ate that today and somewhat this fellow amos said "famous amos" and i asked him if he wants it. LMAO. i found out he was ma primary school mate and was in da same batch as me. but.. why didn i see him before while some of ma primary school mates does? wonders.

today was just another school day and it was still kinda boring i couldnt concentrate much due to day-dreaming or tiredness OR both. anyway i went to visit[again] adrian today after school.. we sorta chatted awhile and he gave me a minne mouse that some fellow help him catch[he gave me cos he said he wanted a pair but only got one]. i accompany him to buy dinner and POOF, i'm way home. anw it was da third time i hinted him about his hair, this time asking da hair colour. he told me he dont like dark colours[so blonde]. well..

hmms, celebrated yiling birthday on friday. most of us, around sixteen people[classmates + ogls] went to hougang desmond's condo for barbecue. it was damn far for me but i went there after town with eugenia, it was fine. grins. aftermath, kevin send me home cos it was almost twelve past midnight.. and cos his last bus went off already, thanks really.

the birthday girl..


and here are some pictures that got me inside. EHEHe. and i seriously look so tanned. OMG.

i'm busy eating.

i think i look sorta weird.

ma pants is wet cos i went to da swimming pool playground by rolling up ma jeans. wahaa. it was eugenia idea and mine too.

i love this picture.

group shot one.

group shot take two.


i'm pulling robin's shirt. and yea, da two guys da centre of attention.

we're carrying her. but i dont think i did help.. lmao.

and ya know what? everyone is sick. ma brother went on a high-fever, fourtyDOTtwo degrees. i saw weiliang cum teacher cum "brother" nick, he's too sick. eugenia and me is lovesick? maybe i aint cos i sorta wanted things to go naturely. some other human-being i dont know is lovesick too. those who didn come to school may fake sick. SO TO CONCLUDE, everyone is SICK. o_o

to add on, in ma life.. the alphabet "A" seems to pass me by alot.


In her eyes, the world was seen,
nothing other than a beautiful scene.
One day accidently she did a sin,
something she fell deeply in.
The birds on trees no longer sing,
so did the little kids stopped playing.
They quietly stood there watching,
how she could help herself up standing.
She wondered how and couldn't help tearing,
but nothing could do anything.
That's when she learnt something,
The world isnt a beautiful thing.

by yang.


fickle-minded blockyshit.

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