April 8, 2006


what's da sound of love? ..badump.

went lunch with wen today. we went to yewtee, it seems ages since i went there. we talked in da void deck and i asked her to come ma house cos we're rather bored. we took losta pictures with astro boy, he looked simply innocent - his eyes. i told her about ma happenings in nyp too, like how i was being rumoured and etc.

i'm feeling kinda upset now, cos i didn go to see pluto dance. he should have told me earlier, but maybe even if he did.. ma legs wont cooperate - it's aching. if i did go, i may be there watching him dance, and then we may say hi.. and then i will go home alone.

ma mum told me ma muscle ache need at least a week to recover or two. i was like HUH. i gonna miss lesson tomorrow, maybe i will film da steps down and learn them when i recover.

whenever i'm in a bad mood, please dont talk to me.. especially when i make it clear. it will only add on fumes to ma mood, so please shut up.

i wanna make maself as pack as possible so i wont think.

i'm in a dilemma.

major crushes makes ya collides and left in a pool of 'wood', blockhead.

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