April 21, 2006


today, i went to sentosa with classmates. people who went wasnt much but i did enjoy.. i enjoy da SUN.

okay, i've got to say maybe i make a mistake. i think i haven give up yet.. maybe time will tell. maybe time will tell me if i should confess or not. maybe as time goes by, i loss a chance cos he really do get a girlfriend. maybe time make me like another guy, i wonders. so many maybe-s, maybe one day ma heart will stop beating.

oh ya, there's already two projects coming on.. i hope i can think of ideas. WOOS. losta research have to be done.. and it seems ages since i do a project, how great.


this is da BEACH i like, bitch.

i love sun. i hope it loves me too.

i drew.

i so hope that ride last for like 3547678 hours, but for da least i'm satisfied.

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