April 29, 2006

HA, i'm stupid?

okay.. i'm helping this fellow to ask things and all. all of a sudden he told me he's sick and cant go. so i got to contact da other ppl who's going. GOD, i'm being da middleman.. and why am i helping him? SHIT ME.

hmms, that someone too called me to dicuss about stuffs.. and he told me to call back in five minutes time. i do as he said, i called back. shrugs. in da conversation he told me he got a girlfriend, from np.. and told me to call da hip-hop guy, ma crushes and what-so-ever. what he mean eh? and is he speaking da truth? and his friend said he got a special girlfriend, who's she? to speak da truth now, i'm struggling between two guys again, both sharing da same first alphabet as their name.

i so hope that someone is only being over friendly. i seriously don understand him. and ya, i asked santa if he like santa gal.. his answer is yes. so what gonna happen next?

is history gonna repeat itself?

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