April 30, 2006

i dont understand humans, even me maself too.

okay, mum bought alot of stuffs yesterday. she's madly shopping because da government give her money, great. LOL. i got nuts cos i cant bear to spent money.

i went to find santa again, we merely talk for like 2 minutes? because he saw ma mum and know she was waiting. and ya, he said "wah, later your mum say ya go and find bad guys." wahaa.. i guess he's referring to his hair.

i'm somehow quarelling with that someone through sms. or maybe we're just talking nuts. lmao.

okay, sad to say.. i haven did ma typing for da research and then i've to complete ma personal development assignment by tomorrow. cheers.

the past

ma bf. :]

yea, truely love wasnt so innocent. it's supo dooper whooper CHIM.

again, it's so CHIM. rofl.

they're happy for me.

i will smile, if you're true to me.

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