February 5, 2006

feel the beat

new layout, i think this is ma third layout.. i forgot. lols.

anw, went to ngee ann poly open house yesterday. it was quite fun with ma pals and it seems ages seems we go out together. woos. we saw 'geisha'[people with white makeups], walked around, take snapshots and chit chat. later on, stel and xue went off. wen and me then headed to town to find anna. heh.

ya, ma dance lesson today was about latino. LOL. i cant coordinate ma hands and ma legs properly.. and i cant shake ma hips. somehow, i feel like i was da worse there.. i dont know did anyone laugh at me. wahaa. well, i'm not bless with da skills but i hope someday i will be a great/better dancer. grins.


group photo. HEHS.

feel the wind.


notice our mouths. LOL.

trying to be hip :x

ya, i'm bitting on to a meow.

i'm screaming with a twist.

i like meow stuffs o_o

they shine no more when time goes by,

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