February 19, 2006


i had another fall, as in i fall in love with another guy. GOD. i not sure whether i like him or not cos he was ma colleague last time.. but then when he quit, i was like huh. ma other colleagues said i didn smile or laugh that much le.. i wasnt as happy as before. this feeling of liking wasnt so sure.. but thinking about the time when he was working with us, it somehow seems true that i like him. i smile like i strike a lottery when he came over from da other outlet to work. LOL. and then i keep asking ma boss where he will be working and how about having him to work in da same outlet. but then again, he's attached and i wont be able to see him again. SHRUGS. DOM!

speaking about ma o's results.. ahh, it was blackjack. what a nice number. o_o. i hope i can get into courses i like and ppl who score better than me don snatch okay.. heh.

ma life is like so peaceful now, no suitors and no valentine gifts. anw, i spend ma valentine working. muahaha.

i went to kbox with ma buds a week ago.. it was ma first time going kbox. LOL. it was fun yea.. and we enjoyed. we took a number of photos. madness!

ahh, i look like blockhead when i'm dance.. i'm quite sad already cos i'm da worst dancer in da class. i don hav rhythm and make wrong moves.. anyone teach me! sadden.

give me strength.

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