September 3, 2005

never da same

ma mum bought me a very early birthday present - a minnie sling bag. went out this couples of day and it seems like shopping huh. i bought two tops from ebase, it's having offers. grins. anw, went to watch march of da penguins today with ah wan. da show is boring eh, like some discovery channel. but at least i know about da life of penguins abit more. hahas.

i'm been browsing blog recently, of some unknowns. i felt that their blog is meaningful and with proper english. how great. i gt this song from da unknown bloh. it's nice and meaningful.


Evan and Jaron

The sky has lost it's color
The sun has turned to grey
At least that's how it feels to me
Whenever you're away

I crawl up in the corner
As I watch the minutes pass
Each one brings me closer to
The time when you'll be back
You're coming back

I can't take the distance
I can't take the miles
I can't take the time
Until the next time I see you smile
I can't take the distance
And I'm not ashamed
That I can't take a breath without saying your name
I can brave a hurricane
And still be standing tall when all the dust has settled down
But I can't take the distance

I still believe in feelings
But sometimes I feel too much
I make believe you're close to me
But it ain't close enough
Not nearly close enough


i no longer feel so secure anymore, i feel like giving up soon..

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