July 25, 2005

someone told me to go for somewhat imaginative - santa

racial harmony is over, photos are up on ma gallery.

school is still so stressful, i found out i actually couldnt catch up or concentrate on stuffs. today is geography mock exam, i studied but i dont know how to do. i bet i must come for night tutorial till seven plus.

i'm sorry for being senitive. i get sad/angry over small things. cos i think too much, or perhaps i care. i dont feel so love anymore, with less words and blah. i'm not use to things. i know you're trying to save your phone bills, i know. i feel hurt when i miss you.. like somewhat knife stabbing ma heart. today ya told me santa's mine. i saw him in x box, told ya.. but that dosent mean anything. if ya don hav trust in me.. maybe there gonna be a stop. ya aint no boundary. i know he don like me.. and ma feelings for him no longer there. just that, i sees him as a long lost friend. sometimes i hope i can be with him.. but what da use? now i got ya, i will cherish. sorry for everything. but i wanna tell ya, santa is something imaginative. i don know how long it's gonna be imagintive.. but for now, santa is an illusion. he's unreal.

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