January 21, 2004

yea! days had past. hmm.. so it's another tired days. mon.. did nothing much.. dun remember though. lolx. tues? well, went to change the schedule of bowling notice board with stel. god! staple until we gonna bek cek. haha. den went outside the coffe shop to eat mince meat noodle. xue, wen and nana came later. den went to wm with stel and went hm after sometime. today leh.. me went to meet eve after sch. earli dimmisal cos it's gonna be chi new year tml! renioun dinner yea! hoho. hmm.. btw.. kimguan push my head at the busstop. lolx!!!! wat de.. +*&^%$ . wahaa.
eh.. so now.. i guess, oli 3 guys touch my head before. [my bro is not counted lah!] chocolate is one.. den yang guo and kimguan. haha. alamak.
bought the kind of pants i wanted liao. it costs 22 dollar. not bad loh. green colour one. but the thing is.. it's really common. but who cares? me like goodie gd. hehe.
later gonna makan lots lots liao.. wah.. my stomach sure will burst or even explode! wahaha.
really excited about new year.. cos.. dunno oso. ang baos. yea. but 50 dollar gonna fly away.. hp bill+ internet bill + computer interest i deducted left 50. heng ar. ang bao sure solve the prob. gee.
gonna get more funni and funni. hmm.. hei pi chi new year every one.
more ang baos. bless ya

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