January 7, 2013

Birthday Celebration + Surprise + Oschool Recital

Life is full of colors, full of hope...

So last year, my 23th wasn't so lonely after all... I got a surprise by Thoo and not only that, a rainbow birthday cake! Teehee! Special thanks to Brian who bake this and SYDC!

So the night before my actual birthday, at Kallang Theatre...

I was the official photographer for Oschool Recital. I must say it was a pretty tough fight and I've made it! ;D

This is my 2nd time joining Oschool Recital. My first was 2009 when I was in Reggae Item.

This time, not as a dancer but a photographer. 

If you asked why am I there, It started when I saw this tweet by Oschool looking for volunteer photographers and started tweeting back saying I am interested to be part of their production. I waited for awhile before I got a reply. When I got to know I will be the photographer I was pretty nervous yet excited!

I'm really glad to be part of this production and feel really inspired! Love how each and every dancers express themselves, not only that the graphics was awesome! ♥
 Here is some of my works...

My favourite shot, I really love the dancers expression.
I'm really lucky to capture those, am especially grateful for the great lightnings, visuals and passionate dancers.

I'm not a professional or trained photographer but I'm glad the photos turn out well! The feedback I received was overwhelming. It gonna be a great motivation for myself... a great birthday present! Woohoo!

Thank you Oschool for this chance (:

If you like to see more of my works, you can check out Oschool Official page for more pictures.

I'm also glad to know another photographer Darren Teng, shifu. Hahah.

My actual day was spend with Thoo...

 Our first time to Artichoke. The brunch was great! YUMMMY.

A simple lunch date and tripod photography again ;D
Yes, we just started our photography page called "We Merry Go Round".

Please support and like our facebook page!

Our journey starts here.

Fighting, for our dreams.

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