May 18, 2012

Our May Day

Someone say, I'm a hopeless romantic...

We're officially 3 years old.

This journey doesn't come easy. From strangers to friends, from friends to couple. I really appreciate how fate bring us together. Somehow I got to thanks dance 'cos they bring us together. It was our major love for that very moment, it is still my love now just that I guess something else seems to take it away... perhaps photography.

I'm really glad I manage to capture so many memories...



I love you J R Thoo. 

'Cos it have been so long, lets try not to take each other for granted. At some point of time, we got tired and busy... but please remember we are once so beautiful and always will.

Looking forward to our next May Day, and the next and ....

 For you and from me.

I miss you.

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