September 11, 2011

Travelogue: Cameron Highlands Part 1

A small getaway, and to capture the world in another perspective.

The journey to Cameron Highlands was not exactly perfect. But what's good is that the weather was exceptional cooling, the place was rather peaceful and nobody knows you. It was a good place to relax and have an empty mind...

The journey from Singapore to Cameron Highlands was really long.
It was a nearly 8 hour bus ride, with random stops for toilet breaks and snacks. Moreover, our bus journey was merely midnight with heavy rain.

Furthur down, we arrived at Brinchang for our breakfast.

We was also tour by the tour guide from Titiwangsa if we wanted to sign up for any package. We was on a Free 'n' Easy and decided to have a half day tour to the various farms.

The tour was in the afternoon, so they drove us to our hotel - Equatorial Hotel. While waiting for the other guests to check out before we can check in... we took some photos...

The nice checkered chair and we wore our checkered shirts.

Once we reach our hotel, we decided to order some food. The Fish 'N' Chips costs RM26(roughly SG $12) while the Jumbo Hotdogs costs RM24(roughly SG$10). We was stunned by what was served as it was much better than what we expected.

Uh nom nom.

Our first stop of the tour - Cautus Point.

Thoo choosing the cautus.

Gorgeous yea?

Next stop was the farm...


Then to strawbery farm...

We didn't see much strawberry though. Lol.

Flower Nursery...

Lovely crysanthemun.

Last but not least...

Steambeat included at the end of the tour.
I've to eat all the seafood as Thoo doesn't eat. Rawr.

Shall continue more regarding the trip in the next posts.
And yeap, I've learn a new way to take pictures... taking objects from the top view can be really lovely! Heheh.


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