October 2, 2009

Sick bugs & F1 Ferrari Girls 2009

Bless me with good health and a good apetite.

That was me on the last day of F1.

Indeed F1 pay was pretty good but the job isnt as easy as it seems. Ferrari booth was so pack that the crowd goes non-stop. The staffs break was practicarly < 30 minutes which is off peak hours. When there's crowd.. we need to start work again. I work basically two days which is Satrday and Sunday. Saturday after lunch at 11 plus, I only had my break at 2300. When it's soon my turn and the other collegues, the crowd came again so we gt no choice to wait. Sunday break was good but..

I think I shouldnt have ate my colleague's chicken rice.

I was fine on Monday and Tuesdays. I still went for cousin Eve's birthday at St James. I'm not pretty sure was it is 'cos of the chicken rice or the vodka that 'cos me to have gastric flu or somehow food poisoning. On wednesday morning I keep on vomitting and diarroeh(spells?).

I feel so weak and I think I've lost 2 kilograms.

No energy to reply sms, talk or even to stand up. Lol. On the way walking to he clinic I vomitted green and black stuff. Black stuff perhaps was the ultracarbon my Mum asked me to eat. After the doctor, my vomit amazingly stops. Yesterday was so much better that I've got more mood. At night my eyes suddenly swollen and Thoo have to rush to 7-11 to buy Eye-Mo.

Today was great. I hope tomorrow I can eat proper again.

I've got more energy to type and sms already! :D
Pictures of the booth..

Check out the queue! It would be more crowded than this..

Some group pics from Saturday. Most of us wore red!

Last day of F1..

We saw some people fliming prolly frm mediacorp.



Some group pics..

Very orangey light uh.

We all wore black (:


Then it marks the end of F1 2009. Will we ever meet again? Great to know you guys! (: Your made my day.


I wanna be bubbly and chubbly again!

Thanks Thoo, Ah Ma, Papa, Mama and Bro taking care of me this days. Ehehe. Really love you.. :D

Ah yes, If MOE didn get back to me for ART diploma by next week.. It's time for reality again. All the bad things comes in a roll. Sigh.

Have faith?

I wanna eat you up
yum yum yum yum

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