September 26, 2009

Sunny Getaway

An island when there's only you and me..

Yes you, dont look away.

As usual, Sentosa my favourite Island. It's also 'cos I've never really been overseas except for Genting and Taiwan, trap in this tiny red dot. I become a little tanner 'cos of two tanning session, one with Aud&Veron(halfway we saw grandjunoirs+Wei Keat).. the other with Thoo. It's pretty relaxing just lying down there and feel the breeze.

The Monmons day with only Audpy-mon and Veron-mon..


One,two.. three...

With Zen and Weikeat, JUMP!

The 'star' of the day..

"What you SEE is what you GET."

My suntanning partner!

Me (:

On 22/09/2009, Thoo and me went Tanjong Beach.

Guess what? We saw seven wedding couples taking their pictures, getting their photoshoot done. At first we are pondering is it delibrate or just so coincidence.. think again, that day was a 'good' day.. Think the "chinese" way.
..chio date uh? LOL.

Love (:

Last but not least..

Yours truly 涂涂(22)!


Yesterday wasnt exactly a good day.

I feel that the way I answer the interviewer sucks. But then again, I seriously hope they re-consider me and get back to me whether they accept me. I really really want to have an aim in life. I AM SO DAMN AIMLESS SINCE GRADUATE EXCEPT DANCE IN MY MIND(AND I'm getting NOWHERE and THERE). Now that I am aware of this chance, I hope they let me prove to them.. I'll be a good sister/mentor/teacher if I can teach primary school kids in the future.

I watch the news that got more primary schools to be build or done by 2012. Can I? I'll be in time when I study finish the Diploma in Art Ed! PLEASEeeeeee.

Me is super desperate. Lol.

Reggae II last lesson was bad, I basically forget everything and off beat. Weak on techniques and no expression, tell me how now? I want to eat a huge damn chicken again and again to destress. Kentucky Fried Chix and 可爱鸡 is good.

On the side note, it come to a point I dont know how to say hello and bye bye to people I want to know or kind of know or already know. I feel my moral is so low all of a sudden. I just dont know how to, anymore?

Baby is off to NRA camp, no one to ease my load ):


Butterfly fly away.

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