September 3, 2009

Suntec Dance Heats 2009

Great experience, another kind of vibe.

It marks the end of our first fight.

I truly want to thanks each and everyone in Basic Instinct(Audrey, Veronica, Brian, Keiths, Kevin, Jonas, Martin, Rahim and Jaylene) for this opportunity to come and grow together. Though it may not be the best of all, it bring us to another level. All of us grow to become a better dancer or perhaps more perserverance.

I cant wait for another fight together. And I kind of feel a little empty this days without seeing the BI-peeps. Do your miss that kind of feeling? Hmms.

I dont mind travelling all the way to the east, again.

Anyway, here's us on the stage..

We're the Gansta and Wong Fei Hong student from Shaolin (:

Congrats COA for getting into Semi-finals!

Go baby! Better take care of yourself since you just recover. If not nobody to take care of me and you-know-what. Heh. Happy fourth month, with love. We still have a very long journey to go. Happy happy oh! (:

Ah yes, I got into Reggae for Oschool Recital 2009. Good luck to me. I need to be sexy sexy sexy, shake shake shake and split split split? LOL. It seems like a very challenging task.

If everyone stays, I want them to be happy.

Reality check.

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