June 30, 2009


Baby, you're the best.

My laptop cant on for nuts and I wonder why. So now I'm using Thoo's lappy. I feel pretty uncomfortable that I must kill this habit of going online. No pictures, no videos..

I have no idea how am I going to repair it and I prolly must call up some company. I'm pretty lazy to check too. Brother not home for days and the man who know electronics gone. Lol.

I wont be online as much anymore (unless I found a comp/lappy), anything call or SMS me.
..still you can still tag in my blog (:

Anyway Cotton On is having this ultra sale at Lot One Shoppers' Mall atrium. The shop suddenly become so peaceful and I'm so glad. Still I pull a long face whole day. Tsk tsk, I'm dragging work and keep complaining about my have-yet-to-come moolahs.

And ya, thanks those who pop by recently to visit me (:

The Big Groove was a blast. It was really insipiring and it makes me have the urge of becoming very girly when I dance. Girly in a way I can be more sexy and prolly with more expressions. From last time, I cant imagine me dancing girl style. Now, I've the thought of learning wacking, advance reggae and much more styles. Cool mint is truly insipiring.. they are so young.

Apart from Cool Mint, An An is inspiring too. I really adore her and the way she dance.. She's so cute in class till baozha, I'm becoming one of her fans already!

KO night was another wow wow too. The battle was so exciting that my body all tense up. It's even more exciting that all the people who battle are your friends. I cheer and scream really loud. Hah. And I really like the way KS dance. Expressions 'gao gao' and can really see he's enjoying. Woohoo.

My journey seems so far, I'm sucha worm.

Ah yes yes, I'm Mrs Chill Pill.

Thanks for always showing concern and taking care of me. For now lending me your lappy so I can go online and blog. HAHAHAH. I've so much I wanna say, but I know you can feel from my heart.
Two months soon, stay happy! <3

My world, inspire through music and dance.


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