September 9, 2009

Follow your heart

We gaze at something that seems infinite and it fills us up to the fullest.

Let's hold on and never let go (:

It's been very long since Thoo and me have a proper date. Ever since Suntec Dance, both of us are very busy. For me, it's like a stop to dance for a while. I also need to find a proper full time job and not slacking away. Cotton On been giving me too little shift, I can hardly survive. Then I realised, I'm too complacent.

I'm a fresh graduate for too long, I'm back to reality. Dance not my everything. Though dance make me happy and I find myself, it cant make moolahs just fall like this.

And such, makes you so true.

When I'm with you, it feels like the world stop.
It isnt time that stop 'cos time always not enough, it's just the feeling of there's only the both of us. Then for some particular moment, the rest doesnt matter. It feels at ease and warmth.

Like the clouds that says: "I ♥ U".

Baby love

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